A giant leap of faith



Take the second highest bungy jump in the world, at 160 Metres over the raging Bhote Kos river in Nepal.

Add one time Pro MTB racer, Jamie Carr, on a break between guiding riders around the Himalayas and you get these great pictures.

Jamie lead Numplumzsters Jack and Ian around the Himalayas last year.


superman prepares

The view down shows the massive drop as Jamie prepares himself.

The bike is on loan from Orange, a Trails specific 12" frame 'Zero' with excellent Hope Hydraulics, to stay on the tiny platform!!

off there???????

lets do it

A slight hesitation at the biggest trials jump ever in the world, (may be a world record, still checking)

Then with amazing nerve, into a quick balance and then a hop sideways into oblivion.

cool or what

mountainbikes in spaceeeeeee

30 mph

Jamie explains,

You reach terminal velocity in about 4 seconds and on this jump in Nepal you get just over three full seconds of free fall, before the cord starts to de-accelerate you.

Its 6 seconds to reach the bottom and then the top of first bounce is only 25m below where you started from. After that 1st bounce the rest is fun!!!

Yes it was pretty scary! As it was also my first every time Bunging as well!


hes down there somewher - I never saw a splash

60mph and the lighter bike spins round

0mph and hanging onto the bike is tough

top of first bounce

happy to be alive time

On the way back up Jamie pulls a one-hander as he has the presence to pull the rope away from his face, ever the showman wouldn't want to spoil a good picture now.

Then its into a no-footer at the top of the first bounce in full view of the spectators.

now its more fun


Top of the second bounce and its fun now, so how do I get down?


The man himself can be contacted at CrazeyMTBiker@yahoo.com

Please keep it brief, as lines in the Himalayas are a bit slow at the best of times.