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Next Plumz event -          Jun18    FNSS7
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All the Events 2004 in our calendar

Plumz RandoCam - every visit different or hit F5 key to go again - Click photo for bigger pic

Win prizes at the Numplumz FNSS race RACE Aug 06 This is an advert - scroll down for the latest news
the booty
With the help of Richardson Cycles we have put together the following prizes for our round of the FNSS on Auguast 6th at Wadenhoe.
One pair of Crank Brothers Stainless Eggbeater pedals (rrp £75)
A Camelbak Lobo 2 litre capacity rucksack (rrp £50)
A Cateye OS1.1 multi function computer (rrp £40)
A Topeak Joeblow sport track pump (rrp £30)

The race podium prizes will be awarded as normal but these 4 prizes will be available to all riders. ANYONE who enters can win one of these, based on some cunning race based events.
All I can say is bring a stop watch you might find it usefull.

fnss round 7 results in for Daventry Jun 23

Daventrys result here
Dust bowls and semi's Jun 14

king o the pinesWe survive a very hot and dusty NPS weekend at Sherwood Pines our new ace reporter tells all

Smiffy and Adi carry on where they left off at FNSS6, the provisional result has been posted in the Forum. The Overall 2004 has been updated for now.

Finally the SantaCruz is back on its wheels after this happened
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