Kona AA  
1996 Kona AA
  The old faithfull Vintage Kona. Its been a racer, singlespeeder and now retired to TT bike. Those long stiff tubes have proved Ideal for fast times. Over 25,000 miles under its wheels.
This but in horrible colours  
1999 Scott AFD
  Scotty - Beams me up to warp speed on the blacktop. Not flash but good enough.
Doctor Surge  
2001 Surge Hellbound
  The doctor - Valentino Rossi fans will understand. The racing whippet at the moment.
Born from the remnants of Jenny Copnall's old Cannondale race machine....remember that poster boys.
Ti-X on-one  
2003 One-One Titanium Cross
  Tirone - Could have been Tixie but this bikes too butch for that. Full on Blood Mud and Battered Bones on this winter racer and brilliant all rounder
Wow it looks good in that colour  
2002 SantaCruz Superlight
  Scuzzy - A classifieds special has emerged from the tinkering of spanners for 2004