Real Ale Wobble 2001
Hit the Neudd Arms in town on The Friday night, pick up your Beer menu and the Mid Wales Beer Festival is underway. Its just the Getting up thats the Hard bit
My HEAD HURTS The Northants wobble crew get ready to blow away those bad Friday night Hangovers
Pub Turnout time 3.30 am ......... OUCH

Note the full use of top race gear - not
The Neuud arms on Sat morning
The mottly crew asemble at 10am for the off - you have never seen such a collection of climbing, caving and scateboarding helmets, and some of the bikes have to be craned off the cars - they are that heavy
Johnny in Taliban mode owwweeerrr
Not to mention Tea cosys hey Jonny First Tricky rock session draws some blood
10:30 and its First beer of the day time, Headaches still on full alert - Wombat is even still asleep
November and worth it
Halfway round the 30 Mile route and another much needed beer or 3. Great view means we have to stay for a while to soak it up. You get 4 beer tokens , but that dosent stop you getting a good fill at the 3 unmanned stops deep in the forest.
what view
What view????? I'm BUSY. another pint of Whoosh coming up although the Brains got more of a hammering on Sunday in the same spot.
Sunday was the reverse route from saturday and better for it ...although after the Saturday night entertainment at the Towns 5 pubs, including a top Band, there was only about 50 starters. Great ... more beer for me (guess who didn't drive for once)