Calderdale Ride with the Singletrack boys. Mar-02

plumzlogo this forum thread started it allSingletrack world  - Happy brthday Chipps Singletrack route from issue 4 - Vaguely the same yet different! Here
climb to monument The reason we came........ this was the proposed route from Dave A.

Todmorden start at Singletrack offices
Hebden Bridge
Peckett Well
Hardcastle Crags
Gorple Reservoir
Gorple Road
'Sheep track' oh yes these directions were precise
Wind farm Whirlaw Stones
Rodwell End
Bramshe (for a pint) a fitting finale on Paddys day

This was enough reason to stir Jack and Mark to get up at ridiculous O'clock and blast up the M1 for a days riding. Be warned though its 170 miles away, this really was up North.
Thanks to our petrol sugardaddy, Dr M's, we didnt care. It had better be a good ride for this effort. Leaving the dismall Midlands weather behind we were soon into some Sunshine, signs were good.
After a nose around the organised Chaos that is the Singletrack offices, and the usuall delays as straglers turned up late, you know who you are Rob! 24 assorted bikes dragged there owners out of Todmorden in search of mud.

Climbing out of the valley on road (as route ) the snake of differing ability soon formed, lungs were coughed up and scenery was admired.
Leaving Mankinhloes we then traversed the hill below the Stoodley Pike Monument on a nicely boggy bridleway,which is apparently a road, London road no less. The view back down the climb is above, come on lads.
First punture of the day was to follow, big group of riders, this could be relaxed today methinks
A short offroad downhill (right pic) added some spice but soon returned to cobbles and a wickedly steep descent into Hebden bridge.
The 38 mph stint down stired a few riders as I passed them. Well with the weight of the SanAndreas its all I can do to hang on, some tight haipins are fun.

descent to Hebden bridge

First ice cream of the year must be Spring ice cream time Thats the first lump on the ride profile done then.
More riders conferencing, before the climb up to the Tourist trap of Hardcastle craggs.
Touristy car park is reached , a heady 12 km gone and An IceCream van is spotted, its then swamped by us big Kids, the ride gets more relaxed as we enjoy the Sun again.
<< greedy gets in action.

Look at the profile map, at 15 km it just went up, and up and then some more, following the Hebden water river i think. The Singlespeeders Knee,s started to creak, we all started to blow hard.
3 nutters out today, respect for all the climbing.
Seems we missed the Pecket well section out which must be good judjing by the grumbles I heard.

the route profile

The route Altitude profile - yes the Sun did shine
The three peaks shown would be London Road, Gorple and the Whirlaw Stones.
Ride stats old money metric
Distance 26.3 42.4
Ride time 2 Hrs 42 mins
Climbing total 3566 1087
Max altitude 1650 500
Max speed 37.4 60.2
Avg speed 9.8 15.7
The final section of the climb was a cracker, very steep and Technical in places the Ego's came out and the race was on.
Mark hit the Turbo and sped up to the top, only one Dab on a very slippy section, others tried and failed, I chased coughing on all cylinders, dragging the Sanandreas along, next climb on the Surge is going to be a breeze after this.

Trying to get a pic of others riding, only showed Singletrack-Shaun amongst others pushing, nice Jersey and Intense steed by the way. >>>
gorple rd shaun pushes
steve push to top <<This is the final push demonstrated by SteveM on the one-one as we all wait patiently, must have been there 10 mins, eh steve.
Havent got a clue exactly where we were, somewhere on or at the start of the Gorple Rd up ont moors.
Very Picturesque though, starting to look like the bleak North we Know well though.
Much posing >> By Mark on some bloody great stones (Whirlaw Stones.) and then we were off down, at last some speed and some great water bars to jump. Shaun then decided that we had to do 'The Sheep track', some of the XC jesses in the Group carried on a firm track as we dived down what looked like a right bog!

Which it was, but superbly technical, rocky and narrow with boggy ditchs that could only be cleared by launching over in a wheelie, As AndyA demonstrated how not to do in style. Geat supply of Jelly Babies though.
After some more great rocky climbs and a trip round the Windfarm we finished on a high with a cracking yet muddy descent via the golf course to the finest and steepest singletrack in the area.
Narrow, rocky with numerous drop offs and enough to encourage some speed, it is as steep as the graph suggests and a superb high to finish a ride on, before a pint in the Legendary Bramshe

We'll be back
Mark pose at top
Check out the lovely Samuri's version too, I think he had a nice Ride Mubblings and Pics here
Also Andy A's pics here

Updated Jack 21/03/2002