Schwinn 100 Km 2nd Sept 2001

Wales provided some of its finest weather, to fully test 1200 competitors.
Torrential rain at times and some testing forest descents provided tough challenges, Dave waterfield/KCC caught out and having to retire hurt was one casualty.
Adi Scott kept up with the leaders untill the top of the first climb before fading on the moors. Jack Peterson powered through at the end to pass many for a good masters cat result.
Well done to all the finishers
bleak oh yes
In the clouds up those hills - off you go
open 1st Ryan Bevis / Schwinn 03:39:03
open 37th Adrian Scott / Numplumz 04:29:48
open 81st Blake Crouch / Loughboro Stu 05:11:25
open Ian Jones / Panhandle 05:42:03
master 11th Jack Peterson / Numplumz 04:18:21
master 12th John Beardmore / Panhandle 04:18:31
master 49th Ed Mair 04:40:45
master 46th Nigel Baraugh 04:47:17
master 92nd Ian Mansfield / CATS 05:09:48
master108 Mark spittles / CATS 05:14:27
master319 Tony Segalini / KCC 08:04:08 10 John Sansome / KCC 05:36:09
junior7th Rich Holmes / Panhandle 04:55:40
Team for a day - the panhandles
The Panhandle- Numplumz Team for the Day
John, Adi, Rich, and Ian
we came 5th - yahoo
The excellent Bikemagic took loads of photos of the finishers - check out those drowned riders hereby searching on a riders race number , so for us Try 15,27,536 and 89.