The Leicester Off Road Club race meeting at Clipston Forest on Sunday 24th March 2002.

Seniors 4 Laps ( 5.5 miles per lap )
1st 226 Nick Craig Pertex Planet-X   1.14.02
2nd 207 Dave Collins Science In Sport.com
3rd 212 Geoff Beetham Anglia Sport
4th 209 Philip Spencer TY2K
5th 241 Daniel Booth Lutterworth
6th 224 Ross Adams Red Kite Cycles
7th 242 Ollie Cox Bloxter Promotions
8th 215 Edward Fall Stourbridge CC
9th 193 Kristian Bravin Loughborough
10th 205 Andy Key Ashfield RC
11th 245 Rob Freil Sheffielld Uni
12th 243 Richard Firth
13th 211 Peter Middlehurst ERU/Bianchi
14th 202 Ben Eedy Team Bradgate
15th 218 Andy Smallwood Cycleweb.co.uk
16th 222 Dave Goodwin Team Marie-Curie
17th 204 Gary Howard
18th 200 Stephen Leighton
19th 210 Keith Sperry Coalville Wheelers
20th 213 Jason Leach Team RKB
21st 194 Graham Jones Lincoln
22nd 233 Mark Basiliere Freewheel Single Speed
23rd 230 Damian Baker Cycle sport Lincoln
24th 220 Richard Barratt Ride On
25th 232 Simon Jones Leicester Off Road Club
26th 216 Mathew Haywood Coventry CC
27th 248 Matt Jennings R.A.T.S.
28th 214 Michael Whyte Team RKB
29th 208 Mark Hampton
30th 225 Thomas Stone Red Kite Cycles
31st 201 Nick Walling Leicester Off Road Club
32nd 206 Nigel Hough
33rd 227 Richard Allen
34th 199 Graeme Baines The Rock
35th 231 Rick Harriman
36th 246 Matt Parr
37th 234 Anthony Ranpley
38th 250 Gareth Whittall Beez Neez
39th 195 R L T
40th 240 P.Dawson
41st 198 Ian Storer The Rock
42nd 247 William Hoar Four Woundings and a Funeral
43rd 239 D Brierly
44th 192 Paul Gibbs
45th 228 W Rickett
46th 244 James Thomas Knights of the North Circle

22 Miles in 1hr 14 thats an amazing 17.8 mph avg for race winner Nick Craig
warming up for the First national points race at Thetford.

Fun Race
It is the policy of the Leicester Off Road Club NOT to publish the results of the FUN race.
Under 9, (2 laps)

1st 2. Matt Newcombe Nats Junior Race Team
2nd 5. Sam Broughton Leicester Off Road Club
3rd 7. Sam Garner
4th 8. Joshua Hough
5th 16. Thomas Craig
6th 17. Lizzie Hall
Under 12, (3laps)

1st 15. Lawrence Forst Ashfield CC
2nd 14. Chris Howell
3rd 6. Thomas Key Ashfeild CC
4th 4. Matt Flethcher Newarke Castle
5th 3. Aran Newcombe Nats Junior Race Team
6th 9. James Hions Tamwoth CC
7th 2. Matt Newcombe Nats Junior Race Team
8th 1. Chris Grancer 9th 18. Chris Beamer
Under 14, (1 lap)

1st 79. D. Fletcher Sherwood Pines
2nd 72. Adam Tuner Sherwppd Pines
3rd 59. Jamie Harris Pearce Cycles
4th 77. Stephen Adams Beeston Road Club
5th 71. Jenny Middlehurst Team Lutchworth
6th 66. Luck Allen Cratoni Helmets
7th 65. Matt Toplis Chevin Chasers
8th 74. James Shosala N.A.T.S.
9th 79. Charlie Hall Rugby Velo
10th 61. William Verney Leicester Off Road Club
11th 68. Brodie Gardins Sheffeild Dirt Soc
12th 69. Dexter Gardins Sheffeild Dirt Soc
13th 75. Sean Sweeny
14th 60. Emily Verney Leicester Off Road Club
15th 58. Andrew Slater
Under 16 2 Laps

1st 89 Ian Stannard Team Keyne Trek
2nd 88 Matt Spragg Red kite cycles
3rd 110 Tom Last Matlock CC
4th 82 Oliver Richardson Pearce Cycles
5th 93 Paul Cox Melton Olympic
6th 81 Alan MacDonald
7th 112 Ayrton Ford Sowerby Bros
8th 104 Euan Adams Red kite cycles
9th 107 Liam Holohan Airdale Olympic
10th 111 Ben Swift Sheffield CC
11th 92 Ben Tinkler Newmarket CC
12th 113 Carl Dannatt Lincoln Wheelers
Juniors 3 Laps

1st 160 A Cutter Red kite cycles
2nd 123 Adam Gascoigne Team Kona
3rd 144 M Pritchard Peugeot
4th 132 Rob Spragg Red kite cycles
5th 153 Joseph Edge Stourbridge CC
6th 137 Philip Dougall Ashfield R:C.
7th 148 Graham Mellows Royal Sutton
8th 124 Ross Gechie Melton Olympic
9th 140 James Brown
10th 154 Richard Burnett

Ladies 3 Laps
1st 166 Nikki Harris Pearce Cycles
2nd 151 Hazel Wakefield Matlock CC
3rd 162 Lisa Hollingshead
4th 125 Jessica Faulkner Leic Off Road Club
5th 146 Julie Robinson Ride On
6th 127 Denise Shackleton

Veterans 3 Laps
1st 165 Pete Harris Pearce Cycles
2nd 150 Paul Sleaford Morton Wheelerrs
3rd 163 Steve Taylor Sherwood Pines
4th 156 Adge Last Matlock
5th 143 K Firth Matlock
6th 129 Robert Hirons Tamworth CC
7th 130 Philip Hughes Cycleweb/Synergy
8th 147 Pete Parkes Coventry Road Club
9th 158 Barry Frith Sowerby Bros
10th 152 Ian Holohan Airedale Olympic
11th 157 Chris Thatcher Beeston CC
12th 149 Mike Adams Red Kite Cycles
13th 128 John Sweeney
14th 122 Peter Carman Derwent Valley
15th 138 Jim Sutherland
16th 136 Richard Bishuty Melton Olympic CC
17th 121 Glen Allison Sherwood Pines
18th 139 Nigel Middlehurst Octagon VC
19th 155 Neil Winter Lincoln Wheelers
20th 164 Alan Lee D V A T C
21st 161 Karl Johnson
22nd 134 Giles Tinkler Newmarket
23rd 159 Paul McCormack
Novice 2 Laps

1st 116 Steve Briance Leic Constabulary
2nd 85 Nick Collins
3rd 103 Darren Moon
4th 84 Tim Shephard
5th 105 Neil Watts Rugby Velo
6th 117 Peter Langdon
7th 83 Andrew Fletcher Newarke Castle
8th 96 James Dymond Nottingham Uni
9th 101 Richard Reeve R.A.T.S.
10th 109 Howard Gaskin
11th 91 Dan Harrison
12th 90 Matt Gadsby
13th 100 Simon Truelove
14th 87 Mark Ruhier Yello Vello
15th 95 Roger Soanes
16th 94 Mark James
17th 115 Chris Lock Warwick CC
18th 114 Phil Lock Warwick CC
19th 102 Michael Gray
20th 98 Phil Gradwell Nottingham Uni
21st 108 Nigel Hall Rugby Velo
22nd 119 Brian Wood
23rd 86 Phil Passmore
24th 118 Stephen Bennett
25th 99 Phil Rogers Nottingham Uni