Fat tyre Wantage, North downs 3.5 Hr

Win for Gregg Payne and Jack Peterson

A cold start helped riders as the surfaces were frozen but this soon thawed and provided some of the toughest riding of the year. After getting lost at the start, Gregg & Jack calmed down and rode better. "A punture for Gregg cost a few minutes after 1 Hr, but with all the big points some distance away we were flying round.
Jacks fitness really started to struggle with an hour to go, particularly as the return route was into a stiff headwind" Gregg explained, Gregg provided all the work on a hilly road return and a final dash off-road to grab a sticky 20 points almost cost them dear , 3 mins late gaining 15 penalty points. As other riders came in with tales of the tough conditions ( 8 rear mechs, and 2 rims casualties, apparently) it was clear the lads had powered through the conditions - winning by a clear 50 pts. Shame the prize was one sprayway waterproof jacket? we are still fighting over who keeps it, guess we will have to win again, added Jack.
Neil Holman solo class 3rd place.-- Neil had his regular partner missing so tried the ultra competitive solo class gaining 430 points a great result Neil also suffered a puncture
senior teams senior solo super vets
Peterson/Payne 425 Rick Fetherston 470 Nick Dean 440
Pinder/Barter 390 Liam Corner 460 Ian Howell 350
Ascute/Boult 330 Neil Holman 430 Johnathon Brooks 280