Fat tyre Duncote, South downs 3.5 Hr

2nd place for Gregg Payne and Jack Peterson
A high scoring round in which our heroes gained over 300 points in just over an hour, a good route saw them mass the points whilst covering some of the excellent tricky off-road sections in the downhill direction. Even a last 1/2 Hr puncture from yes you guessed it - Gregg, couldn't slow them down, the practice at repairing them is working.

After missing an easy 20 pts on their haste to return (oops back 15 mins early, theres a novelty ) it was thought they had blown it. Second place was on time only in a very close finish, satisfied to have beaten their normal rivals Coop and West. Some good gloves and Use titanium wheel squewers were the reward. Winners in the senior team event were the Schwinn sponsored riders of Brooke and Wilkins and if we had seen the connecting road off the side of the given map, that others saw we could have been right up there, explained Gregg. no disgrace against top national riders.
Roll on the next round on 11th march, If foot and Mouth allows it?

senior teams senior solo
J.Brooke/M.wilkins 550 Rick Fetherston 560
Peterson/Payne 500 Nick Calkin 510
Coop/West 500 R.Parkinson 510
Kemp/Hudson 500 Liam Corner 510