Thetford Enduro Feb 2002 Full race report and pictures here on Singletrack world  - Happy brthday Chipps full results from Mikrotime

this years entry freezing there nads of before the start

Local clubs went head to head over 3 laps of a 14 mile course at a dry sun blessed Thetford forest in a very well attended event.

25 teams of 4 rode the full distance, with the first 3 riders home times added to obtain the team totals.
Numplumz fielded Jack Peterson, Adrian Scott, Nigel Scott and Carl Hulston.
CATS Mountainbike club team consisted of Patrick Shalbeter, Dan Mathers, Mark Pearson and Guest Paul Chennel from KCC.

Numplumz also fielded a team in the growing discipline of singlespeed riders. Craig Simpson, Dave Gardner , Tony Cowles and Mark Groom
Jacks report.
From the gun Patrick and Adi shot off chasing the early leaders who dominated the race.
Carl soon started after them as me and Nigel followed on. After the first sections of singletrack it all started to slow down, too slow for me, so I jumped Paul Chennel in a mad dash for the 'Beast' section, and quickly pulled out a gap Nigel got held up but soon followed
Catching solo race backmarkers was a pain as we fought past them. Shalli and Carl were in my view for the whole of the first lap as I tryed not to go too fast. The very dry track begged you to push hard.

1 lap times: Carl was first through after in 52:30 with Adi following 14 secs down then Shalli 53.48 and me at 53:51 the rest at around 56 mins.

carl and jack at the mad start

Carl is back and flying Carl is back watch out Friday nighters I got a good clear run at the beast and carved the singletrack to get on Shallis wheel pretty quickly and then we rode round together for 1/2 a lap.
Once the singletrack appeared again at the end of the lap I knew I could leave Shalli there so went for it and by the start of the 2nd lap he was history.

We now had the strong position of all 3 of our counting riders ahead of the CATS lads, and pulling out time on them. With Nigel deciding it was to much for him after 2 laps we had to be carefull now.
Feeling good I started a last lap charge as we were in 5th place and being pretty sure Adi and Carl would tire towards the end
Every minute now counted. 1/3 lap to go I passed Adi, he was really crawling along, after a few words of encouragement I set off again, determined to make up every second that he was loosing.
An end of lap tussel with Dan Butcher of Artic Shelter R/RT who tried to jump me while I was telling a marshall about an injured rider on the track, fired me up and we flew into the finish at full wack, The sprint was always mine. Gaining 2 mins on Carl over the last lap.
Carl 15th home 2:44:04.6
Myself 19th 2:46:12.6
Adi 23 rd 2:47:56.6
Mission acomplished
Numplumz secured 5th place in the team event with an overall time of 8hrs:18, whilst CATS were 8th in 8hrs:44.
Singlespeed riders. Craig Simpson (3:10.46), Dave Gardner (3:16.54), Tony Cowles (3:31.08) and Mark Groom (3:38.06)battled to 16th place as 2nd Singlespeed team home. Team total 9hrs 58.48

Northamptons Ron Rutgers ERVelo showed great early season form by coming home 9th overall in the solo 3 lap race in 2hrs 43.05 to easily win the Vets class on the day
New Numplumz recruit John Smith from Kettering put in a great performance. Shadowing Rutgers for 1 and half laps and getting under 3 hrs in his first serious Mountainbike race to come in 29th overall.
2hrs 54 and 22nd in the senior class well done mate.
Adi gives that new Scalpel a good pasting, just look at all that mud
     Full team results
1 Pedalon A 7:29.19
2 Shorter Rochard Arctic 7:58.00
3 Pedalon B 8:03.31
4 OTH/Ben Hayward cycles 8:11.04
5 Numplumz 8:18.12
6 Cambridge Uni 8:21.05
7 Artic Shelter R/RT 8:30.57
8 CATS 8:44.48
9 WSW 8:50.34
10 Nottnm UNI 9:10.33
11 Bristol Uni 9:10.46
12 Pedalon D 9:12.19
13 221 Sqn - Royal Air Force 9:16.42
14 Invicta Tri 9:23.02
15 CUCC Team 2 9:27.42
16 Numplumz singlespeeders 9:58.48
17 Activ 9:58.53
18 Team 18 who are you? 10:16.49
19 Dirt Bags 10:18.59
20 Double ARD 10:19.26
21 London MTB 10:32.16
22 Addiscombe Mullet 10:50.36
DNF Ladies who lunch  
DNF Lardy Wheelers  
DNF Invicta Tri Improvees  

Updated Jack 18/02/2002