Jun 14th 2004 - NPS UK Prem1er series Round 3 - Sherwood Pines, Clipstone.

Full Trek 6-4-2 results should be available on BC site soon
A Photo Gallery from the weekend might be on the BC site too British Cycling
the Elites had it tough

Hi, Intrepid reporter Geoff B here, King O the Pines. How did the weekend go.
Now I've got half the circuit out of my nose shall we do some writing.

Adi even had time to wash on the way round

NPS Elite race about 6 miles a lap, 5 chuffing times.

Yep the usual roadrace on grass at a manic pace. Jody Crawforth won the sprint in the end while I showed them all really how to ride in 12th place, Octimockty did a good job of trying to demolish the course while I chased him.

Some Chumps in Yellow rode round taking some strange lines, Ryan showed the most leading Barry Clarke round for a few laps before feeling sorry for him and letting him go in case he cried. Wayne (Bennet) came up with some story about puncturing and sacked off. The crowd looked bemused as he jumped off on the first lap punching the air crying RESULT, slacker.

Adi spent a bit too much time playing with his semi' and kept the scorers from their after race burger by smoozing in way back, we handed him some lights for his last lap.

Short track time:

Jody Crawforth benefit take2, Adi got to the semi (bit of a running theme there peckerlegs) Top crash from dave Collins in the trees, and what was that Jack charecter up to, stick to the zimmer frame, bikes are too fast bud.

Back in the campsite, it was Bizzare. we could have been sure we saw our national champion doing laps on a mini bike and an Electric cycle, must have been the heat.

Trek 6-4-2:

Ryan thinking of Tight T shirtsRyan and woody take the ApplauseOff the lemmings went, a beautifull Sunny day after a hard days racing with the best in the UK and what do they do, go racing.

Ryan and Woddy flew off the line, as all the regular 6 hr types all muttered "they'll blow"under their breaths. 6 hours and 10 laps later they cruised over the line Woody taking the win after getting bored of talking to Ryan, and of the smell.

Wayne gave it some for a few laps, then pulled in for a lap for a Jaffa cake eating frenzy, must have been a big box boy.
Adi kept going and going and going, 9 laps and 8th place. So thats a FNSS Friday, Elites and Shortrack Sat then a short 82 miles on Sunday
this kid isn't sharp.

Jack came in after 3 laps covered in sticky white stuff, and his ears bleeding, a front wheel blow out he said.......Oh yes, we are not so sure.
Must have been really pissed off with Adi though as he chased him solid for 4 hours and could not quite catch him.

The best laugh of the day had to be watching the cramp induced dancing as they all collapsed in the Sun at the finish, some great moves.
  Trek Enduro courseThe course for the 6 hour. Undulating but testing climbs.     10 laps for Ryan thats over 90 miles Kin' madness.
So about this Semi then Adi
King Geoff holds court.