2 May 2004: Karrimor Enduro 6 hours - Trentham gardens

Full results from Singletrack HERE
Bikemagic's prolific cameraman cught us all, check out the following shots;
Jack1 - Jack2 - Jack 3 - Jack rides asleep - Jack Gurns - Nige and Ed strange pair - Nige Grin - Ed the Downhill Deva - Adi rips - Woody and Rob Lee run .
the wanders finally arrive Jon Webb flys out into the night ona one lap dash
jacks pit - packed with.....nothing So here we are again, the fifth year Enduro 6 hours, and the realisation that we have completed every one so far.

The usual semi-dark night time TT followed some well supported Saturday afternoon races this year. These were great as they flattened down the course a treat for us on Sunday, after the weeks rain
The start arena had moved this year, and along with the events sole use of Trentham gardens, led to more of an event village atmosphere about it all.

The course retained the usual killer climbs. The first up to the monument had been widened and was fully rideable for the first time ever in May.
The second Grunt climb no longer brought the feelgood "its all downhill from here", as a left turn down to the new quarry section quickly followed.
Two extra climbs, both made a touch technical with the collection of most of the courses mud, stretched most riders calfs beyond there limits.
Ed pre-race fuelling Jack, Ed and Nige filled their pits with the usual food, drinks, odd bits and more food, ready for the full six hour assault in the solo race.
Adi and Ryan teamed up as a Leisure Lakes pair to show the big boys how to ride.

Luckily for most, the run was a whole lot shorter than previous years (yes please for Sleepless too). This and the fast riding course led to a blistering starting pace, which our hero's as usual avoided being dragged into.

As Anthony White, Rob Lee, and Steve Heading battled it out up front, to finish in that order, Jack started in his almost customary 20th place for a few hours. Nige and Ed circulating together in formation in the 30's, brought comments that they hadn't quite got the hang of this pairs thing, why are both riders on course together?

As Rob had a chain break to kill his chance of a win, our boys plodded on. Coming up to 4 hrs the fast flyers started to blow and Jack picked off the weary bodies and started to climb the order.

Lap 6 and 17th became 12th in one lap alone, no injection of pace just maintaining a steady lapping rate of 45 mins for the 7.5 mile laps. Lap 7 and across the line in 9th, and finally coming home for 7th.

A last lap of 42:35 Inspired by passing a crawling Jon Webb mid lap to gain revenge for the 20 second deficit at the Trek 6 Rd 1, 1-1 then Jon.
The fun rostrum Ed banged in 8 laps for 33rd place, and amazingly Nige did 7 to squeeze in the top 50, a superb result considering his recent back injuries. Both Lads on the way for a 24 hr solo, only that times 4 then lads.

Adi and Ryan put 10 laps in at a regular and impressive rate of 35 mins a go, securing 6th place amongst the pro's. No disgrace with names like Clarke, Killeen, Beckinsale and Collins in teams ahead of them. The Welland valley pairing of Matt Barrett and Tom Ireland were only 6 mins behind them on 10 laps too for a great ride.
Now Matt looks like he's going for the FNSS title this year, a good bet in my book, so watch out guys.

Looking at the profile of the course below its amazing to think just how much damage that extra bit in the quarry seemed to do. Boy was the rooty downhill sweet or what though
Nige is now team bitch - with his own galley
Nige's diner.
2004 course - another twist on an old favourite
The 2004 course lap profile - with extra added pain. (click for bigger)