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3 man leaders
The three man leading group lap 1.
Fast becoming the season's biggest opening event , the Thetford Enduro got underway with a big field of 200 riders going for the 4 lap event.
The Enduro tag was in my mind in question this year it has to be said, at 4 laps of 8.2 miles, it was no more than a full national race distance. Having been 45 miles in previous years it meant many riders found the fast pace in the cold yet firm dry conditions, the Endurance specialists found it too short for their staying power.

A three man break of in form Geoff Beetham - ERV/Bianchi, local expert Paul Ashby - Wisbech Wheelers and Elite rider Jamie Newall soon left the others in their wake.
Taking turns to lead throughout they stuck in close formation for three laps, each deciding where they could get the advantage on the last lap.

Repeating his good form at Clipstone recently, Beetham jumped away on the last lap to take the win in 2:19:04, Ashby missed the move and baulked by Newall lost the tow (2:20:33), but he chased hard to the end to come in Second. Newal came in at (2:21:52)
Stamford's Ryan Henry - Leisure lakes followed in a superb and very close fourth (2:22:25), in a sprint finish with Scott Rose bets are now closed on the FNSS series winner for 2003, this boy is in fine form, and deserves an Expert licence NOW Mr. BCF official.
Newall with Ashby as shadow lap 2
paul ashby
Ashby leads to start the final lap

Hi to our mate Jon Web lurking with his camera, get well soon.
Numplumz and local friends turned out in force with mixed fortunes.

At the end of the first lap, Ryan Henry had started well chasing the leaders in 6th , Carl Hulston -Numplumz after getting clear of the early traffic came through next in 7th place, Adrian Scott - Numplumz and Patrick Shalbetter - Leisure Lakes riding together in 12th, had also started well but were soon overhauled on lap 2 by the ever improving Jon Smith - Numplumz following them through in 14th looking comfortable. Lloyd Bettles and Ed Mair followed mid pack. Lloyd still suffering with a recent bug had to pull out on lap two, closely followed by Hulston who just ran himself into the ground at the furious first lap pace.
john race mid
Smiffy flying for 2003
Smiffy kept a great pace up all race and steadily picked off slowing faster starters to finish a fantastic 7th (2:29:56) place after the four laps.
Considering the quality of the riders ahead of him, Great result we are all pleased for you here, looks like your Team number 1 for now then chap.

Adi Scott warming up for the National Series race here in April worked hard to drop his early shadow of Shalli, coming home in 10th (2:32:35) Shalli finished 11th in (2:33:26)

Craig Simpson - Numplumz 81st (3:11:22)and Ed Mair in a fine 16th (2:40:55) both hung in there to complete the distance with smiles on their faces, just how racing should be approached.

For the record boys Carl was 193rd and Lloyd 194th in the overall results, room for improvement we think.

All these positions are overall, Microtime have broken the results up into those without Elite riders and Singlespeeders which confuses the issue a bit, if in doubt claim the highest position in your class guys.
Veterans race (senior plus)

Ron Rutgers didn't have it all is own way this time, Jeff Sharp - Ben Hayworth/OTH led from the start and Ron shadowed Andy Peg - Mint sauce and flowers in third, Ron then suffered a crash which slowed him up as he recovered from a bashed knee.
A turn of fate then saw Sharp puncture on the last lap allowing both riders through, Ron took the win again, In fact his time of (2:37:28) placed him18th overall time on the day for a great ride.
Andy Pegg eventually placed 2nd in the Singlespeed Cat rather than entering the veterans class.
jon done good
Rightly chuffed with his finish
Adi going well
Adi kept his form for the full distance well
ron wins again
Ron another fine win. Make the most of it, Jacks on the way back.
Craig always enjoys his riding
That man Shalli - one of the riders wondering how you can call 2.5 Hrs an Enduro.
You only ever go well here when you team up with us anyway mate only kidding mate
ron wins again
Neil from Rugby's Doublehard racing. One of the Singlespeed racers 4th in that class.

Result for the 4 Lap race Seniors only (Elite and Veterans removed from overall result)

Pos No Name Club/Sponsor Lap 1 Lap 2 Lap 3 Lap 4 Total
1: 502 Geoff BEETHAM ERVelo / Siuch 34:09.8 34:45.4 35:44.3 34:25.3 2:19:04.8
2: 408 Paul ASHBY Wisbeech Wheelers 34:09.2 34:47.2 35:41.6 35:55.0 2:20:33.0
3: 447 Ryan HENRY Leisure Lakes 34:49.2 35:06.4 35:48.7 36:41.6 2:22:25.9
4: 394 Scott ROSE   34:50.1 35:06.6 35:47.2 36:42.8 2:22:26.7
5: 388 John SMITH NumPlumz 36:00.8 36:29.1 37:12.9 40:13.6 2:29:56.4
6: 348 Damian COLEMAN Artic RT - 408518 37:14.1 36:40.7 37:09.8 39:05.7 2:30:10.3
7: 405 Simon GAYWOOD Luton CC 36:48.8 35:38.8 37:28.5 40:45.0 2:30:41.1
8: 440 Adrian SCOTT NumPlumz 35:57.6 37:15.8 38:29.7 40:52.8 2:32:35.9
9: 321 Patrick SCHALBETTER Leisure Lakes 35:58.9 37:19.4 39:32.0 40:36.6 2:33:26.9
10: 404 Mike JACKSON Luton CC 36:50.7 35:38.7 38:36.5 43:08.6 2:34:14.5
11: 342 Jeremy OLSEN Freeborn/Ellsworth - 435110 36:30.6 36:13.1 39:44.0 43:05.0 2:35:32.7
12: 463 Hamish BINGLEY Ben Hayward/Oth 37:22.7 37:49.2 38:57.6 41:43.4 2:35:52.9
13: 341 Ciaran MCANENY Hitchin Nomads 40:02.5 38:05.4 38:43.2 40:10.5 2:37:01.6
14: 395 Jim MORRISON Royce UK 39:17.6 38:51.8 39:21.8 39:49.1 2:37:20.3
15: 364 Paul BURWELL MBR 37:16.6 38:41.5 40:44.9 41:49.7 2:38:32.7
16: 454 Ed MAIR NumPlumz 37:31.8 39:17.6 41:32.1 42:34.0 2:40:55.5
17: 419 Ashley BOWN CUCC 39:33.5 39:26.6 40:31.1 41:26.7 2:40:57.9
18: 411 Martin DUNN ERV / Blanchi UK 38:58.6 40:53.7 39:58.2 41:21.9 2:41:12.4
64: 393 Daniel JOHNSON Rugby Velo 44:43.5 46:40.8 56:53.5 57:43.8 3:26:01.6
68: 403 Theresa JORDAN Luton CC 50:17.3 50:18.2 53:06.4 55:43.5 3:29:25.4
90: 392 Phil HUGHES Rugby Velo 34:50.8 35:06.7 45:13.4 Retired 1:55:10.9
111: 370 Nigel HALL Rugby Velo 59:33.8 62:49.6 68:36.9 Retired 3:11:00.3
123: 326 Jon TOUHIG Leisure Lakes 53:56.4 59:42.6   Retired 1:53:39.0
127: 407 Carl HULSTON NumPlumz 35:06.5     Retired 0:35:06.5
128: 362 Lloyd BETTLES NumPlumz 37:51.1     Retired 0:37:51.1

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