National Points Series Rd 2 - Catton hall 18 May 2003


What a contrast compared to the dryness and Sunshine of Round 1
The morning Vets and Masters race was run in a bog, it dryed up for the afternoon Elite and expert races. great course, a real technical challenge to stay on 2 wheels.
Lloyd Bettles, Adrian Scott and Jack Peterson all returned solid performances in the top 20 again.
4 laps of 5 miles was really tough going in the morning.
Numplumz returned to the National points Podium once more - Craig Simpson grabbed 2nd place in the singlespeed race.
In true style we didn't get any pictures, sorry Craig. The look on his face at his wonderfull prize (not) could not be printed anyway.
Vets start - straight into a narrow gate, Jack 7th away
Then up a climb and going backwards fast.
Jack in a rare moment on two wheels
Content with 12th - Some of that was from a 50ft slide at 25mph
Lloyd chases gavin Rumbles hard - he got him.15
Lloyd again- so thats the Infamous water splash, Ha.
Gavin tasted the mud a few times too.
Top helmet hair
Lloyd - the sub 3 came good
Rob lee had a good one
How does it keep working. thats a lot to drag up the climbs.
Adi hangs in for a steady 13th Expert place.
Yes this was on the same day as our race, so much dryer and faster.
Ryan Henry 5th Expert again - look how muddy he isn't. lucky sods.
Jenny Copnall romped the Elites women race
Liam Killiam - awesome power
Shalli - should have tried some treaded tyres mate.
Vic leads off the old boys
A superb days racing again. Congratulations once more to Vic Barnett/ WVW for his second win in the Grand Vets race. Shalli is in the results somewhere too
the course
The course terrain - that second climb was one mother of a push
Masters - 14 laps 4 02:11:48 19:08 312 LLOYD BETTLES NUMPLUMZ.COM
Veterans - 12 laps 4 02:18:57 21:55 804 JACK PETERSON NUMPLUMZ.COM
Singlespeed - 2 laps 3 01:47:49 06:37 526 CRAIG SIMPSON NUMPLUMZ.COM
Expert - 13 laps 4 01:52:43 10:28 223 ADRIAN SCOTT NUMPLUMZ.COM
Sport - 28 3 02:05:05 40:42 527 GRANT TAYLOR NUMPLUMZ.COM
Photo's of the Day on the British cycling (BC) site. 
British cycling have a load of professional photos up from the day. Here's the FNSS riders I spotted there.
Jack chases Dave Harris at race start
Jack climbs in the mud. Here's Theresa Jordan in action
Patrick Shalbetter on his bald tyres    Nikki Harris winning again.
Gavin Rumbles and Richard Wood
And the very rare Adi Scott gets air - yes its true.
Vets start, Oh look I'm in there at 10th away, didn't last though.
Vic Barnett leads the grand vets, another top result there.
For full on prints of those - EMAIL the photographer Larry Hickmott

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