Gorrick Exodus spring series - Surrey hill 06 Apr 2003

A colder day than of late greeted the riders at the latest Gorrick series round.
The recent dry spell meant the course was as dry as a bone, the sharp climbs leading into superb flowing descents, some really technical and Alp like in quality. This track rewarded brave fast technical riders giving them the edge over the fast but flat loving fit riders.
So its no surprise our boys had fun then.

Lloyd and Nige got flying starts in the Masters class up the cruel start climb and both held good positions into the first singletrack. Lloyd troubled almost immediately by a slowly softening rear tyre even had the shock of Nige passing him at one point, before realising that his tyre was not going down any more and got his head down.
Lloyd hung on for 7th place in 01:10:11 only 04:43 down on our super fast mate Gavin Rumbles who gained his second win in a row.

Nige Scott, enjoyed a trouble free race after his recent back problems with a 16th place finish in 01:12:56 07:28 614

nice flatty
1 mile on a floppy -yet it stayed on
Jacks race start in the Vets class got under way 2 mins after the Masters, after holding 10th after the first climb things soon got interesting. The slower Masters riders soon made it a scramble to pass on the singletrack, and desperate to keep the descents flowing some sketchy ridding ensued.

The top 4 had got away cleanly so a 5th place battle ensued, Jack following Mark Fenwick of Berks on Bikes over the line after the first lap battling for 5th place.
The pair caught Nige halfway round the 2nd lap, and the words Lloyds just ahead was all the incentive Jack needed to put the hammer down in pursuit.
A good gap opened as the Whyte carved the track and just before the final wooded climb there was Lloyd, the carrot was there, then bang.

The rear tyre tore, the tubeless system can't cope with a big hole so the tyre flatted immediately, but amazingly kept on the rim for the final mile ride to the finish, try doing that on a kevlar beaded tyre with a tube in. The rim got a good bashing over the final descents but he just held on. Ian Charlton/BEYOND MOUNTAIN BIKES closed rapidly and finished just 1 second down, unable to pass the wildly swinging rear end as Jack tortured the rear tyre sprinting to the line.
5th Place in 01:10:12 at only 06:39 down on the winner David Nelson, shows the recovery is still on track, the tyre cost a minute at least too.
One second......One second was the cry echoing around the woods soon after, check out the comparison.

The new treck
The new carbon race steed. click for bigger pic
swopping down
One of the fast descents
Adi showing off the new bike for 2003, kept it together for a tough 5 laps of the course in 01:53:14. to come home 20th amongst a batch of super fast Elite riders, and is now looking forward to Thetford on Sunday. Sam Gardner/Evans RT powered home in 01:35:32
the drop
Watch that new paint boy
The expert/elite start- Adi gets off in 6th
Jenny Copnall
Jenny Copnal takes the ladies
Jon webb
Jon Webb - thoroughly nice bloke on a superb new fork.
I want one...dear Santa
the course
The course terrain - that's some killer climbs

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