TEAM NUMPLUMZ         legends in our own minds
lloyd jump Lloyd Bettles     Master              Bikes - Orange Sub3 Pro / Orange O2

2002 - FNSS Senior Championship overall Runner up

Big Ring was the rookie of the year 2002 no doubt,in the FNSS 2002.
The BMX kid is a fearless jumper, and brilliant technical rider, his only fear is the middle ring.
carl Enduro Carl Hulston          Sport          Bikes - Specialized Stumpjumper M4 2002 - Kenesis cross Pro

1996 - FNSS Junior Championship overall Winner
1997- FNSS Junior Championship overall Winner
1997 - NPS National championship Junior Runner up
1997 - NEMBA series championship overall Junior Winner
1997 - Midlands SS series championship overall Junior Winner
1998 - FNSS Senior Championship overall Winner
2002 - Midlands SS two round wins

Hot Junior Carl's, back with coaching qualifications after surviving Uni. and starting to fly again.
Dissapointed that all the old skill testing technical courses seem to be dying out, a superb climber and scary fast descender, make mine a vodka redbull.
Bob sleepless Bob Mitchell          Veteran          Bikes - Cannondale CAD4 2000

Numerous Track and Road Race wins
1997 - FNSS Senior Championship overall Runner up
1998 - FNSS Veteran Championship overall Winner

Bicycle repair man Bob jelled us all together originally by kitting us out in the legandary Team Tomato tops, Bob Mitchell cycles race team.
Don't try and out sprint this guy in a race, those thighs snap frames when he gets wound up, fearless descender for an old boy.
Bob sleepless Jack Peterson          Veteran          Bikes - SantaCruz SL 02/ Surge Hellbound 02

1998 - FNSS Senior Championship overall 3rd Place
1999 - FNSS Senior Championship overall Runner up
2000 - FNSS Senior Championship overall Winner
2000 - Marshalls Winter Championship overall Winner
2000 - Karimmor Enduro 6 Hr Third place
2002 - Fat tyre series Championship Winner (pairs)
2002 - South Downs Lemming 100 mile Fastest event time
2002 - Marin 12 Hr Dusk till Dawn 3rd Place
2003 - FNSS Veteran Championship overall Runner up
2003 - MSS Veteran Championship overall 3rd Place
Captain Caffine writes all this drivel, so how much of it can you believe.
A great guy, fast, brave, and well endowed, crashes a bit too regularly though. Back to full speed now after a troubled 03
Gregg 2000 Gregg Payne          Master          Bikes - Heckler5 2003 / Kona Firemountain SSpeed

1999 - Gained Expert Licence from national ranking points
2002 - Fat tyre series Championship Winner (pairs)

Burgerman has given up dabbling with the shaven legs and stiffback lot after finding out the whinging and attitude just stinks.
Returns to the dirt in style with a top new freeride bike
craig fnss Craig Simpson          Sport          Bikes - Specialized Epic 04 / Santa Cruz Heckler SSpeed

1992 - Junior wins a plenty

Der Management of Richardsons cycles Corby, enthusiastic as ever about riding as long as drinking don't get in the way.
One of the early racers back in the day when this sport was emerging Craig and Nigel used to regularly compete against each other.
Adi's finest hour Thetford NPS Adrian Scott          Elite          Bikes -Trek 9001 03 / Ride crossbike

1998 - FNSS Junior Championship overall Winner
2000 - FNSS Senior Championship Runner up
2001 - NPS National championship Sport Runner up
2001 - National ranking Sport class 1st Position
2002 - FNSS Senior Championship overall Winner
2002 - FNSS Senior Championship overall Winner
2003 - Gains Elite Licence in NPS Expert series

Following in cousin Nigel's footsteps Adi Proved unbeatable at all Thetford races, and progressed to Expert class as the Highest points scorer nationally in the sport class.
After a couple of Friday series wins in 2000, he finally grabbed the FNSS overall in 2002 without winning a single round. something we don't keep mentioning , oh no we don't much. Adi will rode Nationally in 2004 for Leisure Lakes cycles.
redbulll Nigel Scott          Sport          Bikes - finally settled ona Trek Fuel 04

1992 - FNSS Junior Championship overall Winner
1993 - FNSS Senior Championship Runner up
1994 - FNSS Senior Championship Runner up
1997 - FNSS Dual race challenge winner
2000 - FNSS Senior Championship 3rd place
2002 - Marshalls cycles Championship winner

Postman Nige is a natural. Hibernates all winter, dusts off the bike and gets flying by spring. Seems to get faster at the end of any ride.
Another back in the day of Flurouro and anodized purple parts junior race winner
Matt thetford bombhole Matt Barratt          Sport          Bikes - Kinesis Maxlight

Twinkle toes Matt seems to float on his bike, as we blunder down the descents, he's picking the smooth lines and riding superbly
Just getting into the race scene, 11th overall locally in 03, ready for improvement in 2004
indian Ian Jones          Master          Bikes - Santa Cruz Superlight 00 / Orange Patriot 03

1999 - Cheddar Challenge 50th and Proud of it

Indian is our international trail hound. Aided by sponsor John Smiths he's seeking out the best trails from around the world. So why are you spending more time in a canoe lately you muppet.
Trail conquests include Indian and Nepal Himalayas, Guatemala, French and Swiss Alps, BC Canada and Mohab USA.
Indian's been busy putting some of his trip photo's up, check out Ians Photo's
Smiffy's first podium. Thetford 2003 Iohn Smith          Master          Bikes - Scott Strike / Scott hardtail

2003 - First podium Thetford winter series 3rd place
2003 - MSS Masters Championship overall 4th Place
2003 - First race win - Gorrick winter series

Smiffy really proved his power this year, only a sprint finish off his first FNSS win in 03. He really enjoyed his first 24 hr race, putting in some top times. We need you at MM24 Smiffy
Ron the Adidas man Ron Rutgers          Veteran          Bikes - Terry Dolan custom (from the ark)

2001 - FNSS Veteran Championship overall Winner
2002 - FNSS Veteran Championship overall Winner
2001 - Thetford Enduro Veteran Winner
2002 - FNSS Veteran Championship overall Winner

2002 - 22 mountainbike races, of which 21 podium finishes (15 first, 3 2nd and 3 3rds).
2002 - Thetford Winter series Veteran overall Winner
2003 - Thetford Enduro Veteran Winner
2003 - FNSS Veteran Championship overall Winner
Ron joined us for 03, he carried on our world domination plans in the vets racing anyway. Its a full on head to head for 2004 with Jack now.
ed Mair          Master          Bikes - Trek Fuel 03

2003 - MM24 Ed completed 25 solo laps - Stunning.

Ed's joined us for 03. After years of being part of our family of racers in the East, Ed's now officially joined the team.
A true Numplumz Endurance race fan, Ed's done all the big ones and is hitting the solo 24 hr races big time
Salisbury, Thetford, Kona's he'll be there.
bob (dirtmuncher) Pilgrim          Veteran          Bikes - Specialised Epic,Klein Attitude Race,Principia Rex

1999 - St Albans Tri  1st Vet
2000 - Tewksbury Tri  1st Vet
2000 - National Sprint Champs  7th Vet
2000 - Marshalls MTB Race Series  1st Vet
2001 - Tonbridge Tri  1st Vet
2002 - Northants Tri Series   1st Vet (5th Overall)

Bob's founding is in Triathlons, where he dosent hang about, but he puts a mean turn of speed in on a bike.
Star of MBR's feature "old enough to know better" for a nice set of face injuries for head butting a tree at Chicksands in 03, all in the line of duty.
Enduro team Team Results          Team Endurance           With some help from friends

1999 - RedBull 24 Hr Elite ( we were the only idiots following the rules) - 11th
2000 - RedBull 24 Hr Mixed - 4th
2001 - Thetford Enduro 1 - 3rd Place
2001 - Thetford Enduro 2 - Winners
2001 - Sleeplessinthesaddle - 8th
2001 - Thetford Enduro 3- 5th
2002 - RedBull 24 Hr Mixed - 6th (against some quality pro-elite riders)
2003 - Mayhem 24 Hr Senior - 3rd Place after leading for 12 hours.

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