Team Bob Mitchell Cycles - the all conquering 2000 team
Gregg Payne, Patrick Shalbetter, Jack Peterson, Craig Simpson, Roland Summerlin, Chris Sumpter, Andy Rappit
Karen Shalbetter, Bob Mitchell and Ryan Betanbau

Carl Hulston in super fast Junior mode - Catton Park 1998

Craig Simpson showing why we couldn't keep up with him back then - Catton Park 1998

Gregg Payne when he used to fly on his lovely Pace
Top shot - Friday night summer series round 1 - 2000

Right shot - Catton Park May 1998 on the Zaskar
gregg caton
Gregg Chicksands 1999

A rare shot, the only ever know time Bob Mitchell got air on a mountainbike.

Sporting the early Team Tomato kit and the stunningly light Giant Tin can frame that Dave Waterfield eventually shortened by 2 inches with the help of a tree, funnily enough at the same venue.
Three amigos

Cheddar 2000
The Bob Mitchell synchronised crash display team drag themselves off to the start of the UK Singlespeed championship race after a gruelling nights qualifying.

Each RockShok sticker is one beer token, they ran out when we started on the Rums.

Hair by Stella Artois

I remember Tim Flooks interviewing us on the line and telling us off for being greedy.
Click for larger version

Click on it to check the bigger version of this one Ladies, Gregg shorts are sooo tight.

That's a very rare sighting of an original Sinclair mountainbike too, still in one piece.

I remember the battle for 62nd place we had like it was yesterday, the mystery self cooking food of Saturday night is still one of the great Cheddar unexplained mysteries though.

Two fast bikes and Mont Blonc. What more do you need for the perfect two wheel holiday.