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fridays Chicksands race result Jun 07
Round 5 result is in, and the Overall positions have been updated too. Plumz still looking good.

The first Merida 100Km event went off recently, and we've sorted the finishing times to see how the boys compared. Adi Scott had a belter, Ed, Nige and Matt also completed what they said was a superb days riding. Builth Wells next on the 4th July.

smiffy still top dog Jun 05
Chicksands, as good as ever great rides again from Smiffy, and Rocket Ron is now back on the case with a great 2nd place. untill the full results are available here's the top placings for now.
Senior Vets
1.  Richard Wood   1.  Jef Sharpe
2.  John Smith  2.  Ron Rutgers
3.  Phil Hughes 3.  Keith Sperry
4.  Adi Scott 4.  Gary Hill
5.  Gavin Rumbles 5.  Jack Peterson

Wahayy.... Michael and Richard Leete have come up trumps just like last year with some great pictures of Fridays race too (it works now), well done lads. oh and me on video apparently.

latest results all in Jun 02
   OK FNSS rounds 3 Oback and 4 Cosford now in stock
And some number crunching gives us a provisional overall series so far in Exel format XL file of Overall series (some mistakes are very possible) Plumz are looking good at the moment, but after 6 rounds it will all become clearer.

The Rules for the Relay race have been released, re-printed here with a handy team planning form for you.
It's abrave and interesting Idea from Martin, I think we should try and support it for a laugh. So I'm looking for plumz volunteers to make up a few teams. There's going to be some very popular girls around that night.

Bikes go bang Jun 01

Innerleithan's fantastic new XC trailFortunately Gregg's Heckler was on hand for a top road trip to Glentress and Innerleithan. The new XC course on the Inner's hill has a superb sting in the tail - another superb trail worth a visit. And look at that sunshine.
Sorry about the delay in FNSS results, out of my hands unfortunately, should be up tomorrow. There's our continuing drivel in ViewFrom, and BigRing's added his view of the Midlands Rd2 to check out.

Gary Hill from CATS has been dashing around on his Transalp training, fresh from FNSS racing. His latest report is from the first Merida at Ryhader

The Big Thrash May 19
sign me upSo here you are again, checking out our site, or maybe our calendar, with on average 400 page views a day for each, someone must find it usefull.
It costs you nothing yet it costs me a lot of my valuable riding time, and some cash to keep you lot informed.
This site makes no revenue what so ever, that's nil, sod all, get the picture. One of the major factors in its existence is that a very nice man let's it lurk on his server for us out of the kindness of his heart.

Now on Friday, May 28th, a group of mountain bikers led by Andy Armstrong (said hero) will set off from Edinburgh on a journey that will take them through the Scottish Borders, Northumberland and the Yorkshire Dales, finishing in Todmorden on the Yorkshire-Lancashire frontier seven days later. They are doing this for two reasons: to have a fantastic time, and to raise money for Epilepsy Scotland.

Now I'd like to think you all now feel the need to head over to The big Thrash donation page, and leave maybe a measly £1 to show your gratitude for this sites continued existence.
Mention that its a gift care of numplumz.com in the comments bit and you'll be making me realize its all worthwhile too.

FNSS results from round 2 are finally in.
As JP and the Indian are on another of their travels; Glentress and Fort Bill this time, it means you will have to keep an eye on the forum for Rd 3's result too. (we are usefull...... honest!) Overall will appear sometime next week.
There's some FNSS ranting from us in VIEW FROM though.
Also check out Garry's Transalp warm up

the Peaks rock May 16
Right another hard FNSS race out of the way and some days off, what shall we do. Well in true Plumz fashion we went for a short spin in the Peaks.
Unfortunately we don't have the FNSS Rd 2 result yet. Senior results Adi from Smiffy with Lloyd 4th rock on.

Just to confirm the FNSS Rd 4 at Cosford is now a straight XC race and not the originally proposed Uphill/Downhill challenge.

mud, mud, mud. Washing machines on meltdown. May 10

Smiffy grabs the holeshot from VicWhat a contrast from 2003.  FNSS Rd 1 was held in virtually swamplike conditions. Result here.

Plumz guys showed they had great amphibious qualities.
winner Well done to Smiffy on his first FNSS win, and Lloyd for a close run 2nd. Scott surprised a few seniors and gained a win in the Youths, first time out in the colours (even if we all looked the same after 5 mins of gloop). Jack let the side down with 2nd Vet place, Ron 4th.
Well done to all finishers, it can only get better. Check out our new VIEW FROM for tales from all the FNSS grids throughout 2004

Smiffy then headed off to try and hold the series lead at the final Gorrick of the Spring series. Despite attacking from the front Mike Jackson was having none of it and went on to win and take the series by a whisker. Results. Lloyd grabbed 6th and Scott Clipstone debuted with a fine 6th in the Youths.
Jack picked up series 3rd place in the Vets whilst away in Scotland - Result and a nice prize too.
Series positions should be on the Gorrick site

The National series and Trek 6 hour hit Rd2 at Drumlanrig Castle, Scotland. Jack ploughed through the porridge for 6 hrs and recovered enough from the late drive up after FNSS to finish 6th - Report to follow if all the water comes out of the video and camera.

Udated: The Enduro6 report now has links to Bikemagics photo's of us.

Enduro6 rides again May 04

Ed wins the eating stakes at Enduro 6More big hours in the saddle for Jack, Ed and Nige6 hrs of pain and eating Report here

A big welcome to two new Plumz team members.
Junior riders Scott Clipstone and Ian Whatling have joined our merry gang, say hi to them on Friday.

On the question of being a Plumster, were are a race team and as such welcome all riders interested in being a part of our social scene at races. It's important to us that all our riders know each other, we are not a cycle club as such and can't offer the usual club benefits of regular rides or meets. Performance is irrelevant, taking part is what we are after, and enjoy.
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