Format: 2 tough days of off road navgation and wild camping in secret locations. You must be self sufficient and carry all your supplies with you for the 2 days. 7 hrs on Saturday and 5 on Sunday.
WHEN 3 per yr Spring,Summer and Autumn
French and OZ Polaris events too
polaris the organisers Numplumz.com NUMPLUMZ.COM
LOCATION General areas only to prevent area pre-riding. Full details sent two weeks before event.
23/24th March - Welsh Borders
20/21st July - Peak District
12/13th October - Lake District
START TIME choose between 8am to 10am for both days
ENTRY COSTS @£25 basic See Polaris site entry form, special U21 rate of only @£10
CLASSES Male ,Female, Mixed teams, Vets, super vets, Tandems and now Solos
ENTRY INCLUDES Overnight wilderness camp and minimum facilitys, ie water and toilets.
Secure parking at start finish area, hot drinks at finish
Interested - then get a full entry form from Polaris and read all the details of the event and your requirements, think you are up to it, then get those entries in fast
The polaris site gives full details of how many spaces are left on each event, and a full entrants name check so you can check if you are on the 'guest list'
New solo catagory allowed in March and October. If you think you are 'qualified' to ride in these self sufficiently based events , carrying all your camping gear and supplies yourself, for 2 days, then get entering.
Previous experience of endurance events like the Red Bull as well as previous Polaris events are what the organisers are looking for.
You are expected to be self sufficient in food and equipment. There is a minimum requirement of kit which must be on your bike or person at all times
Buy a laminated map with your entry. These can often be event specials, not available elsewhere sometimes covering two or three OS maps.
To get the most out of the weekend - try and get there on Friday as early as possible. Camp up, collect your map and checkpoints list, mark them on your map and go down the pub. eat everything you can get your hands on and get some good rest.
If you cannot make it untill late or even till Sat morn, checkout Singletrackworld who often have the checkpoint map grid references so if you have your own map you can get an early start.
Summer events return to the Friday base on Sat night. No need to carry your gear and theres usually a bar and band on for a good fun night. If you want to try this for the first time , then the Summer event is a good way to ease in to it.
LENGTH Sat 7 Hrs
Sun 5 Hrs

WEB SITE All the details you nedd from Polaris click on Events
ENTRY FORM From polaris, get them to send you one to read up on the full details
Closing date when the event is full - which can be very quick
POSTAl ENTRY organiser
Event updates

They now have a very active competitors forum up and running Polaris Forum
With the event now using electronic Dibbers to do the scoring the result files can be used to plot your competitors routes.
Check out this fun FREE program from joelee.co.uk which does just that. Its only a small download
Getting there: To be honest if you can't do that then you should consider XC racing!