Format: Solo or pairs race for 6 hours over a set course of up to 8 miles. Riders are allocated a pit area to store spares/food etc. A helper is also allowed in the closed pit area. Once the race starts no assistance other than from the pit area is allowed.
Latest News Shimano, Rockshock, USE, SIS. Specialized now inboard for 2003, bringing the prize fund up to an impressive £8,000.
For an ENDURO6 entry form as soon as they are available send an SAE for each event to: Patrick Adams - (ENDURO6), 6 High Street, Alton. Staffs ST10 4AQ.

FEB 2003 - Entry forms now on-line for download at
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WHEN May 3/4 2003 enduro logodummy logo
LOCATION Trentham Gardens, Staffordshire MAP
ENTRY COST @£35.00 for 2003 ( thats a £5 increase each year for the past 3 years !!)
CLASSES Elite, Enthusist,Ladies Services, Uni's
ENTRY INCLUDES Has been SIS bottle and drinks all race in the past, sponsors stuff, parking on the day
From the same people who organise the Red Bull 24hr and sleeplessinthesaddle
Based around the Trentham Gardens estate's campsite, woods and lake side tracks.
Now includes - a one lap time trial on Sat 7pm. 150 rider limit.
Tough and challenging course with woodland singletrack, granny ring climbs and potential bike push sections.
Starting is a Le Mans style run, of approx. 800 metres to collect your bike
Lurking, (a la 24hrs) is not permitted on your final lap - so don't make it obvious.
Good prizes and freebies from sponsors - Shimano, Rockshock, USE, SIS. Specialized now inboard for 2003 and bring a bag of money, bringing the prize fund up to an impressive £8,000.
Once the race starts there's no outside help - only food and kit from the pit area is allowed
Event tips
Get there Sat afternoon, camp up , sign on , pre ride the course and then chill out, have an evening beer at the bar in hopefully the early summer sunshine.
Pace yourself - many riders die in the final hours having gone too fast , losing chunks of time. Eat at regular intervals. Do we Know what we are talking about? Well Numplumz got 3rd place in the 2001 event.
A good helper is essential for a good result, they cannot leave the pit area.
Stock your pit area for both you and helper; spares, food,comfy chair, rain cover, spare bike, (Sunday newspapers go down well, 6 Hrs is along time to watch bikes go round)
Practice the run in the week beforehand, to help loosen up those tight cycling calf muscles, take any food/tools out of your pockets for the run - makes it easier.
Enjoy it - its along time to punish yourself and not have fun
Talk any good females you know into doing it - the prizes for them are excellent
LENGTH 6 Hours, complete the lap you are on if you cross the line before the 6 hr deadline
CLIMBING @300 metres/lap
TERRAIN rocky and muddy singletrack good descents, lake side firm tracks
WEB SITE No direct website available
ENTRY FORM try Singletrackworld.com
Closing date 1 week before, no entry on line
Full campsite hookups on request direct to camp site - If you take a camper or caravan get a good spot for the weekend.see the links below
Showers and Toilets, Bar and Shop, what more do you want
Free SIS Drinks fill up during race, at the trackside bar.
There's two travelodges to the North of Stoke if thats your ideal preparation
Cheadle, Stoke-on-Trent
PO Box 512
, ST10 4RZ, enclose SAE.
PHONE/FAX 01538 702470 or 01782 657519
Fax 01782 644536
RESULTS May - 2000
Sept - 2001
May - 2002
LINKS Trentham gardens
Directions:Trentham Gardens Estate lies 3 miles south of Stoke on Trent, 40 miles from both Manchester and Birmingham and adjoins the M6 motorway. (Junction 15 - 2 miles) Trentham Gardens main entrance is well signposted from the motorway and stands on the A34 Stoke to Stafford Road. The Caravan Park entrance is situated to the north of the estate. WATCH OUT FOR THE MANY speed cameras on the A34 approach

The entrance is easy to miss, the easiest way is to continue to the next roundabout, then turn around. Follow the A34 north from this Roundabout, 300m to the traffic lights, turn left at the lights and then 1st left after 75m. The Caravan Reception is located by turning right after going over the Bridge