The Coast to Coast offroad ride - an established challenge route across the North of England

Sites and links to help you plan your own route, It has been done in 20 Hrs off road though.

offroadadventures-online C2C - One mans story by Kev Hodgson, of his choice of offroad route. Views on other route choices for you to ponder on
mtb-coast2coast These guys did it for charity - use their help
mountain-bike-cumbria.html Road version for the softies Route description with grid refs- lots of other UK routes too, links to other usefull sites
c2c-guide Help with booking some accomodation
www.mtbroutes good site with lots of help in route planning
Somewhere there is a route and Story in a back Edition of MBR
Coments from an attempt at this route.
I did this route in 2000, we did it in 3 days, which was fookin' tough! Distances each day were roughly (from memory) 45, 72 and 50. Something like that.
Day 1 took us to Ambleside, and involved alot of pushing/dragging over Black Sail etc.
Day 2 was the most epic day ever on an mtb, getting over the length of High Street is always a laugh but knowing what is to come later (Cross Fell) should be very sobering.
Day 3 to Sunderland was pleasent (but painful by then). If you're going to do this route take an extra day (or 2) and do a short distance on the second day so that you don't have to attempt Cross fell on the same day as High Street.
Other than that, we had a great time, we don't believe their version of events in MBR one little bit.
Have you done it off road?
send me a written report with your help tips, and we will print it